The Polydime group is about the largest processor of recycled plastic film in Sri Lanka. Approximately 40% of our product is made from Recycled plastic. We have our own supply chain of collection, processing of waste, processing of finished product and distribution of recycle based products into the local and export markets.

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Contains X% Scrap

The product in reference contains the said % of material that has been made out of scrap plastic. Which means this material would have normally found its way to a landfill, ocean or waterway. But as an organization we have been able to collect as must waste plastic (both Post consumer and Industrial waste) and re-process it into usable form. This is then engineered to perfection where products can be made out if them. Its quite a challenge to make good products with acceptable mechanical properties, appearance and the price point that is required. However our supply chain has been successful in blending scrap material with virgin material together to obtain the same or even better properties than usually achieved.

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